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What is a strategic plan?

A strategic plan is a written document that assists an organization in achieving its goals by aligning its priorities to the mission and vision of the organization.

Benefits of Strategic Planning

It is a valuable tool for assisting nonprofit and charity Board of Directors and Executive Teams by providing direction for the allocation of resources and measuring outcomes to measure success.

How can a Strategy Coach help?

Our focus at We R Strategic is assisting nonprofits and charities with their strategic planning for future growth and sustainability. Our Coach will lead the process and facilitate discussions, gather data and present information.

Developing Innovative Strategic Plans For Nonprofit & Charities



We R Strategic is owned by Maureen Cole and was founded in 2023. For the past 30 years, Maureen has seen strategic planning as a vital tool for decision-making. Maureen started her career in Nursing and with continuing education advanced to Director of Nursing and Executive Leader. Maureen was an Accreditation Specialist and Certified Health Care Executive before retirement. As part of Maureen's career, part of her career and responsibilities, strategic plans were a requirement; particularly for funding or service provisions.


Maureen's experience is vast with being involved on many Boards for nonprofit organizations and charities where her expertise and experience with the use of strategic planning was a transferrable asset for developing roadmaps. These roadmaps outline where the Board wants to be in four years and how to get there.

Maureen's vision for We R Strategic is to assist nonprofit organizations and charities to develop strategic plans for the future and create a dedicated path forward as many times plans end up on the shelf once completed as there is no clear  roadmap for implementation and how to achieve the goals set out in the strategic plan. We R Strategic's commitment is to provide a dedicated roadmap through strategic planning to ensure nonprofit organizations and charities are able to thrive in the community they serve and are a valued part of.

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