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We R Strategic works with nonprofits and charities through the strategic planning process from the planning stages to adoption of the Final Draft Strategic Plan. Our Strategy Coach will work with the members of the organization to align the strategic plan to the mission and vision ensuring future growth and betterment of the community they are a valued part of.


The Strategy Coach assists in planning the process for reaching desirable goals and objectives by meeting with Board of Directors, Executive Leaders and the Senior Management Team to align the strategic plan to the mission and vision of the organization.

Data Analysis

The goal of the Strategy Coach is to gather data that is based on experience versus content. The data collected is analyzed to measure the outcomes and is used as a tool to measure the success of the strategic plan.


The Strategy Coach will continue to work with the members of the organization to implement the plan by providing actions, measuring outcomes and providing reports on the implementation progress.


Regular reporting is provided from the Strategy Coach that outlining the stages of the implementation process and outcomes of data collection from the facilitation process and data analysis.


In order to follow through with the strategic plan, the Strategy Coach will facilitate discussions, conduct interviews and send out surveys in order to gather data for measuring outcomes.

Strategic Plan

The Draft Final Strategic Plan is presented back the members of the organization by the Strategy Coach. The Strategic Plan is to be adopted within four months for the best success for the organization.

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