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Strategic planning is...

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A process developed to help organizations:

  • Examine the present desired state and how to get there

  • Steer organizational and community visioning for future success

  • Create direction for future success based on data and thoughtful insight

  • Engage proactive thinking beyond the current state of activities and tradition

  • Set priorities for actions that reflect goals

  • Establish clear outcomes for measuring success

  • Develop a roadmap to go beyond planning

What is required...

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Strategic planning requires a significant investment of time, emerge and capital that all starts with the approval process. A Board of Directors or Executive Leadership Team is responsible for the overarching planning process from hiring a Strategic Coach to the final approval of the Strategic Plan. The Senior Management Team(s) will be asked to be a part of the Strategic Planning Group and the Organizational Members of this group will report back to the Board of Directors or Executive Leadership Team with reports on how the implementation of the Strategic Plan is progressing.

Data Gathering...

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The Members planning, developing and implementing the Strategic Plan will rely heavily on data that is collected from surveys, input from the community, etc. The data points are used to measure outcomes and regularly reported during the planning process to help verify the information and ensure best outcomes for overall success for the organization now and into the future.

Shaking Hands

The Strategy Coach will lead the process by facilitating discussions, gathering data, conducting surveys and provides a process lead by experience rather than content. The information collected by the Coach will be presented back to the organization for validation on a regular basis. A draft final strategic plan is brought back to the Board for review and adoption within four months of receipt.

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